Your Advantages

  • Developed in cooperation with leading media agencies – created special for the planner´s needs
  • All campaigns in one tool – everywhere available
  • Further developments customized – for your individual needs
  • Benefit from us as an independent service provider – your data belongs to you
  • Raise your efficiency and your quality – almost 50 % less manual effort and around 60 % less mistakes

Campaign Cycle

  • Configurable master data framework with rules engine for optimal data management
  • Always up to date by regular imports (daily / hourly)
  • Interfaces to other systems (e.g. buying, finances) and to all common AdServern – all data in one system
  • Reporting with just one click by an XML-Export


  • Create a client individual field yourself
  • Create your own view how you like it
  • Capture data once and transfer automatically
  • Individual configuration for agency, concern and client


  • Easy import and copying of already existing variants
  • Always keeping an eye on the budget by a clear presentation of all components
  • Create and send production plans at the touch of a button
  • Get intern and extern approval easily with an integrated approval workflow


  • Saving of time with massedit
  • Full integration of Wasmuth Service including recommendations for placement booking
  • Automatic creation of the AdGapID
  • Plan the whole runtime, book monthly and always keep sight of the distribution
  • Monthly statement with automatic redistribution of the residual budget

An overview of all functions


  • Basic data
  • Campaign status
  • Billing-relevant data
  • AdServer
  • Contacts
  • Status data transfer


  • Budget Information
  • AdManagement Briefing
  • Intern approval workflow
  • Installation subbudgets
  • Massedit of placements
  • Marketing/Sales funnel definition
  • Copy of variants
  • Imports of variants

Placement/Line Item

  • Automatic creation of the AdGap
  • Wasmuth linkage
  • Recommendation consistency for the choice of advertising media
  • Calculation of technical AdServer costs
  • Theme grit
  • Adformat specification
  • Marketing/sales funnel calculation/ROI calculator
  • Dynamic KPI definition
  • Gritting plan
  • Cientindividual fieldconfig (Advertisers)
  • Monthly closing and distribution of over-/underdelivery
  • Pricecalculation of tariff price and customer price
  • Targeting
  • Frequency capping


  • DFA
  • Adition
  • Adform
  • Sizmek
  • Tracking server


  • Data import DML
  • Interface Advisor
  • Production plan Excel export
  • Delivery import
  • Account data export
  • Conditions import

Master data management

  • Apply rules engine on every master data field
  • Customize rules and rights individually
  • Master data framework fully configurable


See MYOC live in action: