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Cataneo is a Media industry leader in content lifecycle for Rights Management, Scheduling, Traffic and Ad Sales, across all mediums, including linear, online and non-linear. With a proven track record of over 15 years of experience, managing 200+ channels and a presence in 4 continents, we are business experts.

As an application service provider, we guarantee 24/7 availability, extensive service and support combined with in-depth media know-how and an experienced team. Cataneo develops customized solutions, to satisfy the individual business needs of our customers.


MYDAS is an extensive and highly sophisticated air time sales management and ad traffic system. The system has four compatible and individually combinable modules, which are tailored to the different demands of our clients:

MYDAS Inventory

  • Breakbuilder application for efficient planning and pricing
  • Ad break optimization
  • Automated pricing

MYDAS Traffic

  • Master data for channels, advertisers, agencies, orders and materials
  • Booking of single spots, bulk booking, GRP/Performance deals
  • Automated Commercial logging
  • Invoicing for end-of-month accounts, packages, collective invoices, discount changes, etc.

MYDAS Campaign Management

  • Proposal management
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign simulation & analysis
  • Programmatic booking
  • Automated campaign optimizer
  • Transparent & efficient inventory management
  • Non-linear media campaigns (online, mobile, HbbTV, etc.) including AdServer-interfaces


  • CRM system designed for the media industry covering contact management, appointment schedules & reporting, contract management
  • Task management workflow engine to support workflows
  • Sales tracking for forecasts, customer & agency commitments and performance guarantees
  • Comprehensive business analysis including, budget history & forecasts, discount overviews and ABC customer cluster


MYTOS is a multi-channel management system, which supports the entire workflow of a programme department. From licence & content management to program & broadcast planning, as well as trailer management. MYTOS interfaces seamlessly with MYDAS.

MYTOS Key Features:

  • Content management: For successful program inventory management and content use, all metadata regarding your content stock can be maintained in one central database
  • Program planning: Efficient program planning based on state-of-the-art web technology
  • Broadcast planning: The interface to MYDAS has the perfect environment for rapid completion of your broadcast plan including secondary event and live broadcast planning
  • Trailer and promo management based on ratings and available inventory

Our Values

As an application service provider, we guarantee 24/7 availability, extensive service and support combined with in-depth media know-how and an experienced team. Cataneo develops customized solutions, to satisfy the individual business needs of our customers.

At Cataneo, we strive for continuous improvement and further development of our products. The satisfaction of our customers, our team members and the security & quality standards of our products are the values we stand for.


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Software as a Service

Our professional service & support organization guarantees smooth operations during the day-to-day business. All inquiries are received and tracked by our ticketing system to make sure that queries and issues are handled quickly. Dedicated service staff is available in all regions to answer all your questions.

The latest hardware technology, highly secure data centers and 24/7 operation are some of our core services. State-of-the-art back-up strategies and redundant data centers ensure a maximum degree of availability and data security.

FAQ Section

What products do you offer?

Cataneo offers professional software supporting the workflows of modern media businesses. This covers the areas of content management, broadcast scheduling , ad sales & inventory management , CRM as well as traffic operations. Want to know more? READ MORE ABOUT MYDAS  OR  MYTOS

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