MYDAS is an extensive and highly sophisticated air time sales management and ad traffic system. It was the first Cataneo product and interfaces seamlessly with all our other systems. MYDAS has four compatible and individually combinable modules which are tailored to the different demands of our clients. The system is able to provide solutions for linear, online, non-linear, print and radio media.


Maximises revenue by balancing performance and demand due to automated and efficient pricing combined with ad break optimization.


Covers the entire trafficking and ad sales process through features like linear TV bookings, performance deal & contract management and audience based selling and invoicing including financial system integration.

Campaign Management

This module manages and optimizes linear and non-linear campaigns with tools like programmatic booking, flexible pricing models, proposal management as well as 360° campaign planning, booking and analysis.


Tracks all customer related data in a CRM designed for media to provide sales forecasts and client cluster opportunity analysis as well as performance tracking of sales teams and contact list management.