About Cataneo

Cataneo is a media industry leader in content lifecycle for Ad Sales, Scheduling, Traffic and Rights Management, across all mediums, including linear, online and non-linear. With a proven track record of over 15 years of experience and many of our staff having formerly worked in the TV industry, we are media business experts, managing 200+ channels with a presence across 4 continents.

Our goal is to provide cross-media & cross-channel platform designs that are unique, flexible and tailored to meet specific customer needs for all types of media companies.

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Our Products

We offer innovative solutions covering the entire value chain of the media business including linear, online, non linear, print and radio media.


MYDAS is an extensive and highly sophisticated air time sales management and ad traffic system that is capable of handling ads for all kinds of media. The system has four compatible and individually combinable modules, which are tailored to the different demands of our clients.


MYTOS is a multi-channel management system for linear and non-linear ads, which supports the entire workflow of a program department. We support licence & content management, program & broadcast planning, as well as trailer management. MYTOS interfaces seamlessly with MYDAS.


AMM functions as a ‘‘hub‘‘ for a quick and secure exchange of information. It facilitates communication, data transfer and the booking of TV commercials between sales houses and agencies.


MYOC contains all core functions of a media agency such as budget planning, campaign management and online media planning. With all information in a central place, it creates a better workflow between agencies and clients.