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06 Sep

Cataneo and GDPR – Our Commitment to Data Privacy

Cataneo is committed to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which went into effect May 25, 2018. The regulation contains the most significant changes to European data privacy legislation in the last 20 years. It is designed to give EU citizens more control over their data and seeks to unify a number of existing privacy and security laws under one comprehensive law.

The regulation focuses on EU citizen data and is not limited by the location of the company that is processing or controlling this data. This means that a company can be located anywhere – within the EU or not – and still be impacted by the regulation if they are processing the data of an EU citizen.

The GDPR gives EU citizens the right:

  • to know when their data is collected
  • to know how their data is used
  • to request data deletion
  • to access their information or to copy it

Our customers can trust that Cataneo has made GDPR a priority and has devoted significant and strategic resources toward our efforts to comply with GDPR. Our approach and progress to date is outlined below.

What Cataneo is doing

Like many other global software companies, Cataneo began the process of rolling out its company-wide GDPR compliance strategy in the lead up to May 2018 and we continue to do so. Cataneo appreciates that our customers have requirements under GDPR that could be directly impacted by their use of Cataneo products and services, and Cataneo is committed to helping our customers fulfill their requirements under GDPR and local law.

Below are some of the initiatives Cataneo has committed to in order to satisfy GDPR requirements that apply to both Cataneo and our customers:

  • While not required to under Article 37 of GDPR, Cataneo has made the decision to proactively appoint a Data Protection Officer
  • Committing to follow any additional security and privacy measures required under GDPR.
  • Where we are transferring data outside of the EU, committing to appropriate data transfer mechanisms as required by GDPR.
  • Assisting with respect to security and privacy of processing, notifying regulators of breaches, and promptly communicating any breaches to customers and user.
  • Assisting with data processing security and privacy requirements, notifying regulators in the unlikely event that we have a personal data breach and promptly communicating any such breaches to our customers and end-users.
  • Ensuring Cataneo staff that access and process Cataneo customer personal data have been trained in handling that data and are bound to maintain the confidentiality and security of that data.
  • Holding any vendors that handle personal data to the same data management, security, and privacy practices and standards to which we hold ourselves.
  • Committing to carrying out data impact assessments and consulting with EU regulators where appropriate.
Keep an eye out for Cataneo at NAB 2018!
13 Mar

Keep an eye out for Cataneo at NAB 2018!

Don’t miss the chance and hop by our booth to learn about our solutions and exciting plans for 2018! We are located at N4135 North Hall.

Between April 7th – April 12th  you can meet Cataneo at NAB 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Our team of experts will be onsite for you, ready to present to you how we have expanded our functionality and developments for 2018.


Cataneo NAB Show Logo 2018

Our goal is to provide cross-media & cross-channel platform designs that are unique, flexible and tailored to meet specific customer needs for all types of media companies. Cataneo’s fully private cloud and web based approach gives clients the most flexible and cost efficient solutions without the need for expensive hardware or complicated onsite installations. So, it’s quick to deploy!  We have continuously focused on the expansion of the product range to meet growing industry requirements, providing media know-how and flexible modern information technology with a user-friendly interface that can be applied anywhere in the world as a web application.

Our schedules are filling up quickly, so book your demo session now at!

With our customer code LV6563 you can get free access to the show, so take advantage of it, when registering at

We are looking forward to meeting our old and new friends as well as all the other registered participants!

Thank you for visiting us at IBC2017
25 Sep

Thank you for visiting us at IBC2017

Cataneo was once again exhibiting at IBC (International Broadcasting Convention), one of the biggest media and technology conventions in the world, located in Amsterdam, and we would like to share our experience! The International Broadcast Convention is an important event for us, in order to expand our footprint in the industry and spread the word about our products and solutions!

The show was very busy for us and also very prolific. We are happy to see that our brand and products are well known in the market and that more and more people are familiar with us. We had the chance to meet lots of new prospects, as well as catch up with some of our existing clients. Cataneo also took the chance to get some insights of what is trending in the industry and pinpoint opportunities for our product development.

Cataneo booth at IBC 2017

Cataneo booth at IBC 2017

We were showcasing AMM, MYDAS and MYTOS during IBC this year. Our highlights were:

  • Programmatic advertisement and how the industry can benefit from it
  • Cloud Services made in Germany
  • The flexibility of our products and how to meet every clients needs
  • Cross-media campaign management handled via one single platform
Cataneo team at IBC - Renato Rocha Pinto, Robin Gould, Ria Müller, Martin Gerull, Andreas Föhringer

Cataneo team at IBC – Renato Rocha Pinto, Robin Gould, Ria Müller, Martin Gerull, Andreas Föhringer

Cataneo would like to thank everyone that made the convention a success! We are looking forward to meet you again soon!

Cataneo gets personal – meeting the athlete Markus Hörmann
13 Sep

Cataneo gets personal – meeting the athlete Markus Hörmann

Cataneo is a company that supports and values a healthy work life balance. We  are, besides the daily business of an IT company, also interested in society in general. We are keen on helping our employees, as well as people we collaborate with, achieve their goals in life by improving their skills, health and happiness.

Meeting Markus Hörmann

One of the people we collaborate with is Markus Hörmann, a German triathlon athlete and excellent example of a healthy and happy person. Markus is part of the Cataneo family since 2012 as a sponsored athlete and identifies himself with our company’s values.

Markus visited Cataneo’s office in Munich and we would like to take the opportunity to share some information about him and his journey as an athlete.

Markus Hörmann & Catalina Calapod Cataneo

Markus Hörmann & Catalina Calapod (Cataneo)

Markus  just had his first few races after a career break. We are really impressed with how he dealt with needing to go under hip surgery and how the recovery time changed his way of thinking about life. His motto is “pure motivation” – he used it to get better and as the main source of strength. According to Markus, the reason why he not only reached his old form again and got even better than ever before, was his positivity.

Markus said: “When you want to build a career and perform extraordinary, the most important thing, besides your mindset, are the people you are working with and having a supportive team around you. Cataneo is part of this team.” It makes us proud to hear that Markus is happy with us on his side. His views on life match with what we from Cataneo believe in, which is why we are encouraging our employees to take Markus “pure motivation” as an inspiration for themselves.

He told us that the recovering period was one of his biggest challenges which made him more mature, wiser, thankful, a better person and athlete. We at Cataneo think that Markus is a very good example for us. It shows that tough times teach us lessons, make us stronger, and most importantly, give us a better sense of our self.

As Cataneo was the first sponsor for Markus, he is very grateful to have this long term, personal relationship with us. Cataneo are also very happy to have Markus in our team in his best health and athletic shape. We are proud to sponsor him as part of the Cataneo family and an ambassador of our brand!

Markus Hörmann Cataneo

Markus Hörmann during one of his races

Cataneo would like to thank Markus for his time and for sharing this personal story with us. We are looking forward to the future that lies ahead of us as a team!



12 Sep

IBC2017: TV broadcasting from the cloud Cataneo and SWISS TXT

Cataneo and SWISS TXT are showing how TV broadcasting from the cloud works at this year’s IBC in Amsterdam, the trade fair for the European television industry.

The two companies complement each other. While Cataneo’s content scheduling & ad sales platform ensure seamless broadcasting, SWISS TXT’s media management system, mediahub, runs in the background to ensure that the programme elements are delivered on time. Complex production processes can be automated and content for other vectors, such as social media and OTT services, can be prepared efficiently using the workflow and transcoding engine. There is also the option to connect other services, such as editing systems. Mediahub will operate as a SaaS solution from the SWISS TXT broadcast cloud and can be seamlessly and gradually configured into existing environments.


As a subsidiary of SRG SSR and its centre of multimedia excellence, SWISS TXT has accompanied Switzerland on its way to an increasingly complex digital future since 1983, with services from consulting through to implementation. It is an established service provider for digital media, video streaming and access services.

SWISS TXT will be at the IBC in Hall 3 at Stand B15.

About Cataneo

A well-known media industry leader in content lifecycle for Rights Management, Scheduling, Traffic and Ad Sales.

Cataneo is focused on bringing the worldwide distinguished German engineering to the media industry, offering end-to-end web based IT platforms with innovative solutions for content and rights management, scheduling, traffic, ad sales, and campaign management across linear, online, non-linear, print and radio media.

Over 15 years of experience, managing 200+ channels, more than $4 billion a year of ad sales revenue, and a growing presence across 4 continents environment are the affirmation of Cataneo’s success.

Cataneo is looking forward to showcasing cross-media solutions at IBC in Hall 3, stand A.63.

Don’t miss out on visiting Cataneo at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam
04 Aug

Don’t miss out on visiting Cataneo at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam

Cross-media is the way of the future. See how Cataneo can help your business benefit from it and pay us a Visit at IBC 2017!

IBC 2017 is fast approaching and Cataneo will be showcasing cross-media solutions, highlighting the functionalities for Programmatic Buying, connections to Ad-servers (e.g. DFP, FreeWheel), and inventory optimization. Cataneo can address all of your media needs in one single platform, managing the entire ad sales process including scheduling strategies.

Come to our booth  Hall 3, stand A.63  and learn about our product family:

Cataneo Products highlighted at IBC 2017

Cataneo is focused on bringing the worldwide distinguished German engineering to the media industry, offering end-to-end web based IT platforms with innovative solutions for content and rights management, scheduling, traffic, ad sales, and campaign management across linear, online, non-linear, print and radio media.

As a well-known pioneer in the field with over 16 years of experience, managing 200+ channels, more than $4 billion a year of ad sales revenue, and a growing presence across 4 continents, we are confident that our portfolio will fit the needs of your specific media environment.

Please schedule your meeting with us now, as slots are filling up quickly.  Just contact Cataneo at so we can accommodate your date/time requests. If you haven’t registered for the show yet, we also offer you free access to with our Customer Code 17953. Just enter it during your registration for IBC 2017.

We are Looking forward to meeting you!

14 Mar

Visit us at NAB Show 2017 | 22nd-27th April

You can find us in the North Hall, Booth N.6220 in the LVCC!

Cataneo, Germany’s leading independent supplier of Scheduling and Traffic solutions, would like to introduce ourselves to our new customers and update the NAB community with all our new functionality and 2017 developments.

Book a meeting with one of our experts at!

With more than 15 years of innovation, Cataneo is a well-known industry pioneer in end-to-end web-based IT solutions with the ability to handle multi-platform campaign management TV, online, mobile, radio and print advertising – all through one advertising traffic solution, MYDAS.

Our most recent product has just been released to the market.  Advertising Media Master, AMM, is a data exchange platform for the transfer and the booking of TV commercials. This greatly speeds up and simplifies the work processes between sales houses and agencies. For too long, this has been a heavy manual intensive effort. AMM allows media agencies to access the inventory of all TV channels connected with MYDAS via one single interface. They can book and control campaigns from the buying systems – and on the road map, programmatic buying for linear TV!

In addition to MYDAS, Cataneo also offers MYTOS, an integrated program and scheduling system that provides an easy, comprehensive and efficient tool to plan and schedule multi-channel and platform content, including FreeTV, Pay TV and VoD.

Stay tuned for a further communication with details on booking appointments and reconnecting at this exciting upcoming trade show!

Get free access to the show using our Guest pass code: LV9234

We are looking forward to meeting you!

04 Jan

Cataneo is excited to welcome 2017 and all that it holds in store!

Already it is shaping up to be a busy year for Cataneo with the acquisition of a number of new clients and a steady schedule of exciting events.

We look forward to meeting old and new friends at the following events:
  • March 23rd Egta Annual DigitalNext Meeting in Geneva
  • April 22nd-27th NAB in Las Vegas
  • May 23rd-25th Broadcast Asia in Singapore
  • June 8th-9th Egta Annual CEP Summit in Stockholm
  • September 13th-14th dmexco in Cologne
  • September 14th-18th IBC 2017 in Amsterdam
  • October 23rd Egta Marketing & Sales Meeting in Dublin

We are excited to introduce AMM (Advertising Media Master) as a new addition to the Cataneo family. Cataneo believes that AMM will streamline the processes between sales houses and agencies, creating operational efficiencies and cost reductions for both.

To get more information on AMM, please click HERE.

However, the evolution and development of our existing products continues to be an important part of our daily business and we will deliver quarterly releases over the next 12 months.

01 Aug

Time to fly to Amsterdam and visit us at IBC2016!


The International Association of Broadcasters (IBC) Show is only a few weeks away now and we are excited to be part of one of the most important events in the Broadcast & Entertainment industry!

IBC is once again a great chance for Cataneo to connect with companies covering a wide range of media solutions and services. The convention is the perfect opportunity to spread the word about our MYDAS and MYTOS media solutions.

We would be delighted to welcome you at our stand B.27 in Hall 3!

As Cataneo’s guest you will be entitled to free access to the convention by simply entering our  Customer Code: 17593 during your registration process.

Cataneo is proud to be one of the industry leaders in content lifecycle for Rights Management, Scheduling, Traffic and Ad Sales across all media, including linear, online and non-linear. With a proven track record of more than 15 years of experience managing 200+ channels and a presence across 5 continents, we continue to focus on enhancing our products offering and expertise as we expand our global footprint.

Our team of experts will be on site to introduce IBC visitors to our portfolio of products, answer questions and demonstrate how our advanced technology innovations can lead to high-performance, cost effectiveness and cutting edge solutions for your media environment.

If you would like to meet with us, we recommend scheduling your preferred dates in advance by contacting

The Cataneo Team is looking forward to meet you at the show!

Follow us on Twitter @CataneoGmbH for updates!

30 Mar

Don’t forget to visit us at NAB 2016!

The NAB Show is fast approaching and the Cataneo team is looking forward to seeing everyone and experiencing all that the show has to offer!

Our booth will be located at N921 in the North Hall and we would love to have you drop by for a coffee and a chance to win a gift basket featuring gourmet foods with a value of up to 60$.

Our appointments are filling up fast so if you would like the opportunity to have a more in-depth discussion, let us know and we will work to accommodate your schedule. Our convention team ( is happy to assist you with your request.

You can also add us to your NAB schedule online.

We will be doing live demos every day at 11:00 am and 3:30 pm and would love the chance to show you our products and demonstrate the capabilities that can enhance your business.

As Cataneo’s guest you will be entitled to free access to the convention by simply entering our Guest Pass Code LV8444 during your registration process.

We look forward to meeting everyone and establishing some lasting partnerships.